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Looking for a London SEO Agency?

Do you have a business in London which isn’t being found online by potential clients? Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that a cutting edge website will instantly bring visitors to their website, this is not the case. It doesn’t matter matter how fantastic your website is if you’re languishing at the bottom of page 10 on Google. In the big wide world of digital marketing, we believe that search engine optimisation is absolutely the most important thing and that every London based business that wishes for success online should base their marketing strategy around their SEO campaign.

What is our process?

We research everything about your London business online and highlight a list of recommended keywords which will drive new customers to your website. Once you’re happy with the keywords, we then begin by implementing our proven process. The first port of call is your website. Is this up to standard? Can we work with your current website or do we need to consider a new web design? Most of the time, we can work in back-end of your current website to make sure it’s optimised. We will provide website audit reports for you to be able to see the work we have carried out. These will show you all the errors we have resolved and how we optimised your website. If we build you a new site, this will come fully optimised.

Once we’re all happy with the onsite efforts, we can begin our offsite changes. These include the following:

High Quality Link Building. We truly believe we have a link building strategy which couldn’t be bettered.

Social signals. These help to let google know that you’re relevant and people are interest in your content.

Content Marketing. These include blogs, news articles and videos. Content marketing can be a minefield but we have all the tools to succeed.

These will take around 2-3 months to start seeing the desired results. The more competitive the keywords are, the longer this will take. Research shows that websites that are on page 1 of Google attract 70% of the visitors searching for those keywords. The real question is, can your London business afford not to have a high level SEO strategy in place?

Why should you invest in SEO?

To summarise in three reasons, SEO is cost effective, long term and it brings the customer directly to you.

Cost Effective

Well, SEO is free! There is no cost to being top of Google, it is organic after-all. However, London businesses employ and SEO company for a reason, this is to get you to the top. SEO may be free but you do need someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to delivering SEO services.

Long Term

SEO is a long term process which can help your business secure a steady stream of leads indefinitely. It’s not an advert which you turn on and off. As long as people are searching for your desired keywords and you appear near the top of page 1, you’ll be getting leads. This leads us on to the next section nicely.

The customer comes to you

Businesses and consumers across London are using Google to search for things every day. When they find what they’re looking for, they get in touch with the company. This is why SEO is so important. If you’re at the top of Google for a popular keyword then you’re going to be getting regular calls. You don’t have to rely on dull networking sessions or flogging social media constantly. Like we mentioned above, this is long term too and we’ll bet that you can’t name one company in London who wouldn’t want potential customers getting in touch with them regularly.

How will you know how we’re doing?

We speak to dozens of companies who have used London SEO Agencies previously and they never had any indication of how their investment was doing. We maintain regular contact with our clients and send out monthly reports so you can track progress. We love showing clients what we have done for them and sharing our successful results. In our technical SEO reports, we send out keywords positions compared to the previous month which means you will be able to see how your London company is ranking.

Why should we choose Wildfire as our SEO Agency in London?

We’re not just your run of the mill marketing agency. We’re SEO experts who have the results to back up what we say. Wildfire was born in Yorkshire and we hold those core Yorkshire values close to us. We treat all of our clients the same, regardless of what SEO package they’re on. We’re straight talking, friendly and most importantly, we understand that clients want results. We treat SEO as an exact science. We have developed a process over the last few years and we know it works. We have clients ranking on page one for some of the most competitive keywords in the country so you can rest assured that your SEO marketing is in safe hands with Wildfire.

Our SEO Packages.


Bronze SEO package

5 keyword SEO service


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Silver SEO package

10 keyword SEO service


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Gold SEO package

15 keyword SEO service


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Inclusive search engine optimisation

SEO Packages

We offer 3 main SEO packages. Our aim is to get your London business to page 1 of every search engine and we won't stop until we do that.

Link building services

Google Friendly SEO

All our SEO techniques meet Google's ever changing requirements. We only use 'White Hat' techniques. We don't cheat.

Website penalty recovery

Page 1 SEO Results

Our ultimate aim is to reach page 1 of Google for all your chosen keywords. SEO is a fine art and we're the best in the business.

Market research

Website SEO Changes

We handle any required changes to your website, included in the SEO package price. Your website needs to be fully optimised and we'll take care of this for you

Improve your website

Marketing Packages

Our London SEO services covers a lot of digital marketing services too, such as social media management, blog writing and video creation.

Offsite search engine optimisation

SEO Friendly Hosting

We offer SEO friendly website hosting and we will transfer your website over free of charge. Our hosting is London based, has a 99.9% up-time guarantee and is fully secure.


Lines & Jones Ltd couldn’t be happier with the overall results & functionality of the website & the ongoing support & in-depth SEO knowledge that Wildfire Marketing provide. I would highly recommend this company to any company director.

Sam Parkes, Sales Director

Rates Wildfire Marketing 5 out of 5

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If you’re looking for a no nonsense high-quality website design service then this is the one. I am incredibly happy with my well designed, modern website.

Phil Newis, Business Owner

Rates Wildfire Marketing 5 out of 5

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I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and service provided by Neal at Wildfire. It’s like he knew what I wanted before I did. I couldn’t recommend him enough and for once I am proud to show off my new website.

Jen Edwards-Robinson, Serial Entrepreneur

Rates Wildfire Marketing 5 out of 5

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