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The biggest fail in SEO

The biggest fail in SEO

The biggest fail in SEO

There is so much to do when it comes to ranking well organically that most companies just can’t find the time to effectively manage it all, or more importantly though, keep things consistent.

It’s one of our biggest selling points when we sit down with new prospects – the consistency behind our work. We draw up weekly, monthly and quarterly content plans that we work to and ensure deliverables are published and live on time – every time. This is so important!

After saying the above, this leads us to probably the most important factor of SEO that businesses fail at. Blogging!

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So what is a blog? A blog is an area/page on your website that allows articles/blogs/posts to be published to it – thus providing the perfect opportunity for businesses to get fresh content onto their websites (preventing the pond from stagnating!).

What should I blog about

What should you be talking about in your blog? There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this, the only thing we would advise is that its relevant content. By relevant we mean anything related to what your business does, the sectors you work for/within and any of news in and around these remits.

Your blog is your opportunity to prove your expertise to Google and the other search engines, and also to provide interesting content back to the customers searching within. Try tips, tricks, methods of doing things your business does. Don’t worry, most people are too busy to try and “install a toilet themselves” – if you’re a plumber, or “rewire their house”, if you’re an electrician but these are both great ideas for a nice useful blog that Google will love.

Create an author profile

Almost as important as writing and publishing blogs is to create yourself an author profile. Write a quick biography about yourself, add links to your social media profiles. This is great for Google crawlers as they follow the links and it provides a solid foundation of yourself as being a real, legitimate source of information.

If you’re stuck and need some ideas, drop us a line and we’d be happy to help!

And remember – don’t neglect your blog. It will reward your organic rankings if you do it correctly, we promise!

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