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What is an SEO Website Audit

What is an SEO website audit and does my business need one

What is an SEO Website Audit

Here at Wildfire, whenever we meet with a potential new client, we carry out an SEO audit of their website. We bring the full report to the meeting and run through it with the prospect and show them the results. Even though some of the prospects may have been using an SEO agency before us, we have never met with anyone who has seen a full SEO Audit of their website. This got us thinking – why do most businesses not know about their websites current SEO performance?

What is an SEO Website Audit?

The quick answer is – an SEO website audit is the process of evaluating how friendly your website is to search engines. The most popular search engine is of course Google, followed by Bing & Yahoo.

Our SEO Audit Tool pulls off a report of everything which Google will analyse on you website and tells us how well it’s performing, in terms of a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more positive ranking factors your website has. Negative ranking factors include a slow loading speed of your site, broken links (internal links & external links), broken landing pages and any SEO errors.

The website SEO report covers every part of the technical SEO on your website and will give us exactly all the information we need to make your website 95%+ search engine friendly. This is Stage 1 when it comes to improving your search traffic and we won’t carry out any work until we’re completely satisfied. We essentially lay the foundations for a long term SEO strategy by carrying out Stage 1.

Does my business need an SEO Audit?

We think so. We carry out SEO analysis for our clients daily, using our analysis tool to make sure everything is spot on. If you currently employ an SEO agency to handle everything SEO related for your business, surely you’d like some peace of mind to see what they’ve done? If you’re just starting out in business and you’re looking to increase organic traffic, carrying out some website analysis like this is a great place to start too.

What’s next once you’ve run the audit?

In terms of a score, we see most websites come in at around 65%. The worst we have seen is 51% with over 7,000 problems on the website and a 28 second average load time! Don’t worry if you think your website is going to receive a bad score – this is the first step to starting a solid SEO campaign.

Once we have your score, you have several options to consider. Your score may be great and you may not wish to carry out any further work. You might not be pleased with your score and attempt to fix the issues yourself. We can also quote on the work required to gain a score of 95% on the audit too. Our turnaround time is around a week on average.

If you track your website analytics, you should see some results pretty quickly as we’d expect the bounce rate to decrease after we have fixed the errors. We can also show you how to set up Google Analytics & Google Search Console if you don’t currently have them running. Like we mentioned above, this is Stage 1 for us and once this is complete, you’ll be ready for Stage 2 which will put you ahead of all of your competitors.

If you’d like a free, no obligation SEO audit for your website then drop us an email ( or give us a call on 0113 251 5004

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