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Entity’s and Google – What and why

Entity’s and Google – What and why

Entity’s and Google – What and why

Entity’s – Google, what are they and why do they effect my SEO

Ok, so you may have heard of the Google BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update. You may have also heard that really there’s nothing actionable in terms of search engine optimisation in relation to the BERT update.

All this is correct. However, you really need to understand Google’s aims and almost look to the future to try and interpret the future of search – and act now.

I wont waffle on much about the BERT update – you can read more about this here but I will summarise the update by saying Googles view on search is all based around search intent.

Onto entities, what they are and why we need to be optimising around them.

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What exactly is an entity

An entity is a something with an independent existence – not rocket science or difficult to understand.

Entity’s help Google determine the relevance between a website and the search query, they also shape related search data and also the popularity of a search query based on the global popularity of related entities.

The first thing you need to do is to identify the entity’s related to your particular search term. Let’s take “search engine optimisation” as an example. Google shows us the entity’s it believes to be related to a search in the results it displays. Here are the top related entity’s for our example search:

Home page
Cascading Style Sheets

These are great “keywords” to run some on-site optimisation for and include in related landing pages to help Google create the relationships and relevance to your site and your target search query.

The trick to great SERP’s is simply content. Unique, quality content that users want to find and want to read. Become a guru in your market/sector/niche and your page 1 ranks will follow. Entity’s are great to becoming a guru in your sector, optimise around these and provide content on these.

We are currently trialing some interesting tactics based on entity’s within our own SEO strategy. We will feedback on the results as they come in.

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