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How long does SEO take to work?

how long does seo take to work?

How long does SEO take to work?

We decided to break down a common question which we get asked often here at Wildfire – ‘How long will SEO take to work’? There isn’t a special formula to how quickly SEO will work and if someone tries to convince you otherwise, they are lying… There are a lot of variables that go into SEO and this is why we don’t give unrealistic goals to current clients or prospects.

Along with reviewing your competitor’s SEO strategy, we like to look at the overall marketing strategy of your business. This allows us to gain a greater understanding of how your brand and business are navigating through a noisy digital landscape.

There are 3 areas that we believe have a big impact on how long it will take for your SEO campaign to gain traction:

  •         Content
  •         Competition
  •         Technical SEO

Why are Competitors important

For SEO to work in the way we intend, you have to weigh up the competition, without this, you’ll instantly be on the back foot when setting long-term targets and being able to achieve them.

For example, a local escape room company will face much less competition than a letting agency in the same location. As you’d imagine the more brands and webpages you’re up against, the longer it will take to get results.

Content Marketing

Content has been pushed to the fore of SEO by Google and other search engines. It’s now a major ranking factor and this is why it’s essential that it serves a purpose and enriches the user journey while visiting your site. The days are gone where you are rewarded for stuffing keywords where they don’t belong… This will negatively impact ranking performance.

Pieces of content don’t need to be 3,000 words long, there isn’t a fixed limit on how much content you need to perform well in search. However, it does need to serve a purpose e.g:

  •         Solve a problem
  •         Answer a question
  •         Educate your audience

How does technical SEO impact performance

All of the above comes into play and more when talking about technical SEO. Easily accessible content by search engines and visitors are vital for SEO performance. If the high-quality content you have created can’t be accessed by Google, then you will struggle to gain any traction when implementing SEO.

Link building or link acquisition is also still important and is one of Google’s major ranking factors as they show Google that you are an authoritative site in your sector. This is achieved through acquiring relevant and authoritative links naturally, therefore giving you a healthy backlink profile.


Nobody can guarantee SEO results for a certain topic area or keyword. However, you can estimate a period that you’ll start to see improvements, with educated guessing based on variables. Through experience and over time, you can gain a better insight into how quickly it may take to rank in certain niches.

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