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Get on Top of Your Marketing at Christmas

Get on Top of Your Marketing at Christmas

It might be the most wonderful time of the year but if you’re anything like us, it’ll be the busiest too! Your office is decorated, Christmas music is playing in the background, but you just can’t stop worrying about how your time off over Christmas is going to impact your business. Well here’s a few Christmas Marketing tips on how you can get on top of your digital marketing this Christmas, so you can decrease your work load over the holidays and take a well-earned, stress-free break.

As digital marketers, our entire responsibilities rely on the wonder that is technology. Almost with a mind of its own, we can basically have our computers practically do things for us, if we give it the right instructions. So, when it comes to marketing at Christmas time, this can be of great use to us. One of the ways we can incorporate this into our digital marketing strategy is by telling our computers to schedule our blog posts. If you’re using WordPress, this is done by simply typing up and creating your post as you would like normal, however the only change you make is the very last step. Instead of selecting ‘Publish’ once your blog is finalised, simply select the ‘Edit’ button after ‘Publish Immediately’.


You can then simply change the date and time to whenever you like. You will then see the ‘Publish’ button will have changed to ‘Schedule’, all you need to do is select this and your blog post will be saved and ready to post at your chosen time! It really is as simple as that.


However, not only can you schedule a blog post, but also social media posts! Social Media Marketing is essential for your business at Christmas, so here’s how you can keep your business’s social media accounts live and active, and get some Christmas Marketing done in preparation so you don’t even need to touch it whilst you’re off!

If your main social media platform for your business is Instagram, I’m sure you will have heard of a site called ‘Grum’. This website allows you to post on Instagram via computer rather than having to go onto your mobile to do so, but it also allows you to change the date and time of when you post your pictures! All you need to do is prepare your post as usual, however select the ‘Schedule’ button, change to your desired time and date, select ‘Save’ and you’re done!


Facebook is an even easier process as you don’t even need to use any other websites. Just prepare to post the same way you normally would, select the arrow next to ‘Publish’, chose ‘Schedule’, change the date, select ‘Schedule’ again and it will be ready and waiting to post.


So whether it be your clients, customers or business associates, you can wish all of your followers a Happy Christmas on the morning of the 25th, without even having to log in!


This can be extremely useful for digital marketers at any time of year and not just Christmas. When you post your social media posts during regular office hours, you may find that you struggle to get much interaction with your followers, even if there is a large amount of them. But with the scheduling tool, you can use it to work out when your followers are most active and make this your regular scheduling time! We’d always recommend trying this and find out the peak time for your followers, as what you hear from other people might not be effective for your own business, as a different audience will be on social media at different times of the day.

If you’d like to learn more about scheduling or find out a few more Digital Marketing tips either specifically for Christmas Marketing or in general, talk to the experts today here at Wildfire! Call +44 (0113) 2515004 for a chat or email us on, we’re always happy to help!

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