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3 easy ways to improve your google ranking

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3 easy ways to improve your google ranking

For many businesses, it’s can be an absolute game changer to get their website to appear on the first page of Google. The biggest problem is, competition is sky high and all your competitors will be trying to do the same. If you’re a local business, appearing anywhere other than page one will significantly reduce your chances of picking up any leads from online searches which can be a downfall for some businesses.

I’m sure you’ve probably been inundated with SEO companies guaranteeing ‘First Page’ rankings too. The issue with this is that it’s up to Google where you rank, and no company could possible guarantee such a thing. We tailor our SEO services to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local tradesman looking to rank top in your area, or if you’re a retailer looking to increase your rankings for your products – we can help.

Here are 3 easy ways in which you can improve your Google ranking:

Get a Google Location

If you have a verified location on Google, this proves to Google that you’re serious. It gives you credibility. Think about it, who is Google more likely to push up the rankings – someone with a verified business location or someone without one? The first natural (non-advert) listing Google shows us is a map with relevant businesses. Try it – type in ‘SEO Leeds’ as an example and you’ll see us in the top Google map listings (SEO Leeds, 0113 251 5004). See image below!

You can do this here –



Sign up to online directories

Make sure you register your business with relevant directories online. These include the likes of Yell, Yelp and local ones to your business. We are based in Leeds, so we have signed up to various directories, in Leeds. These provide great back-links to your site which makes your site look more credible, improving your ranking.

Mobile Optimisation

In 2015, Google announced that they were penalised website that were not optimised for mobile visitors. Mobile is now the dominant platform in which people search the internet, even more so than on computers nowadays. Make sure that your website works for visitors using mobile phones. If it’s not, get in touch with us and we can sort this out for you sharpish

These tips are all quick wins when it comes to improving your SEO rank. We take SEO to the next level – if you’re interested in finding out more then please call us on 0113 251 5004 or drop us an email –


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