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Social media marketing hacks for beginners

Social media marketing hacks for beginners

Digital marketing is growing more and more as the days pass by – it’s inevitable.

Millions of us use social media on a daily basis, so it’s essential you take advantage of it – especially if you are looking to get your brand out there and recognised by an audience.

There are many different things that will and won’t work when it comes to social media marketing, so if you’re a newbie to the industry, keep reading to find out a few basic social media marketing tips to get you started!


First things first – don’t let your audience forget about you. Staying consistent is very important for online marketing. When it comes to social media, it’s often a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. So always remember to maintain your presence!

Think of it like this: you’re on social media and you see a post you like – you hit the like button, and then once it’s off your news feed, you’re moving on to liking a different companies post. It’s exactly the same with your marketing campaigns.

You may have posted something super exciting which received great engagement and is memorable for the audience, but the truth is, if you don’t continue with the great posts, you may end up being forgotten about.

If you have posted up an amazing, creative photo or video that received high levels of engagement from your audience then you’re doing great, but don’t let them just forget about your brand just a few days later when the post is no longer showing up on their screen anymore. No matter how good the campaign, it won’t stay fresh in their minds forever unless you keep reminding them about your brand with regular posts and updates, and even more brilliant campaigns.


Social media is not a business hours only job. Your brand and its audience exists online at all times, so you can’t just publish all your posts in between the hours of 9-5. But before you start worrying about working evenings and weekends – this doesn’t mean you have to actually work outside of your regular working hours…

We live in a world of advanced technology, where robots can literally get your posts up for you. There are many tools to get posts sent out on your chosen date and time, including social media management software tools such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to type up your posts ready to send and rather than posting them straight away, you simply click the ‘schedule’ button, select a date and time you would like them to be posted and you’re sorted! You won’t have to worry or do anything from this point onwards, as the application has the post ready and automated for sending out at your exact time chosen. You can even use this to your advantage to find out what time your posts get the most interaction from your audience, and begin to consistently post around the same time each day to get the best engagement.

Extra hack: I always make sure to note down in a planner what I have posted on which date so I don’t get muddled up or forget what I have scheduled to be sent out and end up accidentally posting 2 versions of the same thing!


Being creative is a pretty obvious one when it comes to digital marketing, but there are certain ways to go about it. My top tip for this one is to express your creativity by planning your next idea, to make it even more creative than the last! Have your last 3 posts been product images? Then throw up something new to engage with your audience, like a poll or even better – a video. Videos are so important for receiving engagement from your audience. Don’t keep posting the same type of content, or your audience will gradually stop showing interest and being interactive. No one likes the exact same thing every day anyway, so why would you do it with your marketing?

There’s so much content and ideas out there, so have a go at experimenting and find out which your audience likes the best!

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