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What is PageSpeed and why is it important

What is PageSpeed and why is it important

What is PageSpeed and why is it important

PageSpeed page load, load time, page load speed – there are many variations used to describe this metric, ultimately they are all referencing the same thing – the time in which it takes a webpage to load for a visitor. So, from entering the URL, clicking the link, how long does it take (in seconds) for the webpage to fully load?

Why is this so important in relation to your SEO? It’s simple – Google’s overall aim is to deliver the highest quality and most relevant content to visitors using the search engine, but also (and a more recent thing) is to deliver the best experience for the visitor as well. So not only must the content be original, relevant and of a high quality, the website it is served from must also offer an ultra-fast (sub 3 second) page load time and meet all the traditional ranking factors that are more commonly known.

How do we measure PageSpeed? So firstly, it’s worth mentioning that PageSpeed is actually the name of Google’s own software to measure the time in which a webpage loads. It’s the most common name for the metric as Google is still the dominant search force online currently and will remain so for many years to come (we believe). We use a free tool called GTmetrix to test a websites page load time – is great as not only does it use Google’s PageSpeed software to measure a websites load speed but it also uses YSlow, another popular open source project.

So overall you get 2 results to compare, but also 2 sets of “to do” items to improve the load times tenfold.

Its important to look at the average page load speed shown by GTmetrix, not just the result of that particular test.

Our advice is to test, test and test. There are many options available to improve your page load times. Our preferred method is using the WPRocket premium plugin for WordPress websites. It easy to configure and makes almost instant improvements.

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