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What we know about Google Medic

Google medic update

What we know about Google Medic

So, as many of us now know, Google finished rolling out their most recent Algorithm update around the 31st of July (as shown by popular SERP reporting tool Officially there isn’t a fancy name suchlike previous updates (Penguin or Fred) but Medic is becoming the common relation to the newest tweaks made by Google.

What does the Medic update mean?

Information is scarce, I’m not going to lie. Google published a tweet on the 1st of August 2018 stating:

“This week we released a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Our guidance about such updates remains the same as in March, as we covered here: …”

Over the days following webmasters began confirming the update reporting search position ranking changes. MozCast and others followed shortly after.

The broad message surrounding the update is that Google has tweaked its search results using the “user intent” methodology, IE what is the actual meaning or purpose of a search.

Who has been affected by the Google Medic update

Based on findings by popular SEO experts we noted the biggest in negative impact in the following sectors:

Finance based websites
Health based websites
Forums and questions/answers (Q&A) websites
News/Blogs/Journalist websites

Google stipulates that topics/advice and information in areas, such as the above, should come from acredited sources and be written by authors with relevant expertise – this needs to be communicated within the websites.

Our top tips for negating any negative impact from the Medic update would be as follows:

Ensure posts have an author tag
Author biographies should be available to view
About us page and contact us page are paramount
Any time sensitive information should be reviewed and kept up-to-date
Editorial policies and guidelines should be in place if required

Quality is key and Google is shouting this louder and louder. You need to ensure your website, if it is selling a service or a product, is giving back to the relevant audience, not just selling.

Offer tips, advice based on experience in your blot to the community.

If you would like any help investigating potential hits from this update, please contact us.

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