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Why SEO is an Important Investment

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Why SEO is an Important Investment

Here at Wildfire Marketing, we love SEO (Search Engine Optimisation for the newbies). We’d go as far to say that in terms of ongoing marketing, it’s probably the most important investment that your business will make. If you’re on page 1 for a high competition keyword then the simple fact is that you’re going to get website visits. If you have functioning website then this means you’re more than likely going to get customers too. (Check out our website design service if you’d like something more than just a functioning site – )

Long term.

SEO is a long-term strategy. We often compare SEO with GoogleAds. GoogleAds is a short-term strategy as it’s simply just a turn on, turn off process. Once you turn your advert off then that is it as far as appearing at the top of google goes. SEO is a longer process. It takes time and a good strategy to increase your ranking but once you reach the top, you’re going to be up there as long as you keep implementing a good SEO strategy. If we take the keyword ‘SEO Leeds’ as an example, we could fire up an advert in minutes and appear at the top of Google. It takes us longer to get to the top organically though. We only set up in January and were ranking 100th+, now we are up to around 30th and hope to be on Page 1 soon. SEO Leeds has over 1,500 searches per month and is a very competitive keyword though, so this is going to take longer to get a higher rank than a more specific keyword – like ‘wildfire marketing’ for example which gets 40 searches per month.

Cost effective.

SEO is actually free in terms of the process. You pay for GoogleAds, usually on a cost per click basis. This isn’t the case with SEO, Google simply ranks you top if they think you’re the most relevant result for the keyword. What you do pay for though is a company to get you to be ranking 1st. Most of the time, it is a better investment than GoogleAds however. Let us break it down for you.

If you’re selling plain white T-Shirts and use that as a keyword, this gets 5,500 search per month. If you were paying £0.75p for a click (current bid price for top search) and received 500 clicks in a month, this is £375 per month. If you were on our Bronze SEO package (£250 per month) then we would target this as one of 5 keywords. Granted, SEO takes longer but longer term you’d will be much better off. You also aren’t advertising (many people don’t click on the adverts on a Google search) so there is a higher trust rating from potential customers. Also, when running ads, you run the risk of being outbid by competitors and having to pay more and more to show as the top advert.

The customer comes to you.

If someone is searching for a product or a service then most of the time they are already sold on what they want, hence the search. When someone is searching for SEO Leeds and click on our site, we don’t need to sell the benefits of SEO as they already know it is something their business needs and they’re searching for a company to do it. On social media, you’re advertising and trying to find potential customers, with SEO, they’re coming to you.

If you’re a florist for example, you might keep posting pictures onto social media on the off chance someone see’s your post and wants to know more. With SEO, you have someone already searching for flowers and are usually ready to buy and then they’re clicking on your site. An even better example is plumbers. If you need a plumber and don’t know one, what do you do? Search on Google and usually click one of the first 5 results. You’re ready to call them and the plumber has barely had to sell to you. There won’t be much stopping you from calling them, only a poor website or poor online reviews.

SEO is a huge part of digital marketing and we help companies every day increase their customer base by getting them higher up the rankings on Google. Call us today on 0113 251 5004 or drop us an email at and we can have a chat about how we can help your business.

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