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How do I increase traffic to my new website?

How do I increase traffic to my new website

How do I increase traffic to my new website?

If you have just invested in a new website for your business then you’re probably refreshing Google Analytics every few minutes, in the hope that you’ll see a live visitor to your website. We’ve all been there where we have a shiny new website that is receiving little to no traffic. We often use an analogy to sum this up – It’s like having a 5* hotel with no signposts on how to get there. If potential visitors can’t find it then what’s the point?

Fear not, we have written this blog to advise you on how you can increase traffic to your website. If you follow our tips then we have no doubt that you’ll see some vast improvements in your visitor count!


Although SEO might seem like a really tough nut to crack, we can assure you that with the right processes in place, you’ll see some amazing results. We’re speaking from experience here as we recently went to the top of page 1 of Google for the keyword ‘SEO Leeds’. This has brought plenty of high-quality traffic from companies in Leeds who are looking for SEO services. We’d certainly suggest reading up on SEO and giving it a go – if in doubt, give us a call and we can assist with this.


How to increase traffic to my new website?


Social Media

Regular posting across plenty of social channels can only be a good thing when it comes to increasing website traffic. We’d always suggest using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Instagram. If you’re short on time then consider options such as Hootsuite to make this process easier. Driving relevant traffic from social media to your website will also help to improve your SEO efforts. With your posts, try and be human. Have a think about what you’d engage with on social and aim for something similar. It’s not necessarily about trying to go viral, just think about whether your post is adding value to peoples lives or not.


You should be writing high quality blog posts and posting them on to your website. These can be shared across your social channels which will help to generate some good clicks, but it can also rank in Google in its own right. For example, we have published blog posts in the past which have ranked high on Google. One of these for example was our blog ‘How to run a Facebook Competition correctly’ and this ranked for people searching that on Google. Blogs also help to get across your personality which can result in a call or email from a potential prospect. Get blogging regularly!


Video is ace for plenty of reasons and one of the main reasons is keeping traffic on your site. You might start increasing traffic but if the bounce rate on your site is high, it won’t make any difference. This is similar to our hotel analogy again, in this case, they have stumbled across your hotel, taken one brief look at it and decided it isn’t for them. A video can combat this as it increase user engagement and people prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading 1000 words of text. Video also ranks on Google in its own right. If you search for something on Google then click the video tab, you’ll see a list of videos with a theme similar to what you were searching for. It will also help your SEO efforts as guess who owns YouTube? That’s right, Google.

To sum up, gaining traffic is rarely an overnight fix. You need to work at the above aspects for a while until you start seeing some high-quality traffic. If you’re doing the above really well, you may want to take another look at your website as it may not be as user friendly as you think. Consider things such as loading speed and call to actions when doing so. We’re always on hand to offer advice and support to businesses who want to increase their website traffic/online presence so get in touch if you need some help.

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