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When it comes to Digital Marketing, you may have heard of both SEO and PPC. People often ask us which is best for their business – so here’s a little bit on information on both online marketing strategies to help settle the battle of SEO vs PPC.

Why SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation, and the main purpose behind why a business will need an SEO service is because it’s an organic way of getting your website onto page 1 of google results. Having your website on the first page means it is extremely likely to get visits, meaning a higher number of customers, leading to a higher income for your business.

PPC also has the same focus, but you Pay Per Click to get your website on to page 1 of Google – hence its name, PPC. You’ll note PPC ads on Google by the little green box on the listing which says ‘Ad’. PPC traffic is not organic and is know as ‘Paid for Traffic’.

Organic traffic vs Paid for traffic

To put it simply, paid for traffic is a result of direct advertisement to users and people are cottoning on to this. If you’re on page 1 of Google organically, Google had decided that your information is relevant, and users trust this significantly more than they do PPC adverts. Once your website works its way to the top organically, you will find that you will gain a continuous flow of sustained traffic, and if you keep up to date with your SEO, the top is where you will stay. Once you turn off your PPC advert, you’re gone from the top.

Traffic coming from SEO is also more beneficial as it is coming from an organic search, meaning you are much more likely to get conversion, as SEO done correctly can mean visitors might just find exactly what they are looking for.

Why PPC?

PPC is best used if you’re after instant results, as SEO takes a bit of time to get going (3-6 months), whereas PPC gets you to the top instantly and displayed for millions to see. This can be great for seasonal promotions, product launches, or if there is some form of time limit on your marketing campaign and you need pretty much instant traffic.

We sometimes suggest to clients of running both campaigns at the same time, with PPC as a short term fix whilst SEO improves. Once you have established an organic online presence, we can switch off the adverts.

Therefore, the majority of the time, it can depend on your company or marketing campaign to decide on which digital marketing method would be the most effective for you. SEO is more cost effective and creates a continuous flow of traffic, whereas PPC gets you instant traffic for time-limited marketing campaigns. Here at Wildfire Marketing, we help companies every day to increase their google rankings and conversion rate through online marketing. So call us today on  0113 251 5004 or drop us an email at to find out more or have a chat about how we can help your business.

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