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Should your business use email marketing?


Should your business use email marketing?

You may think that email marketing is one of the least important marketing platforms, however it can be one of the most effective platforms when trying to increase sales. Email marketing can be more personal than other marketing platforms and it is an easy, cost effective way of reaching a large audience.
Here are five reasons why your business should use email marketing:


1. Measurable Results

When using email marketing, you can track your results including the open rate, the click through rate and the revenue made from your email. This allows you to monitor your progress over time which could highlight improvements that you could make and see what works best for your customers.
Email tracking produces immediate results, meaning that you can track them anytime after they have been sent. This can help you determine optimal sending time for the results that you desire.


2. Boost sales

Email marketing can be an important factor when trying to boost sales and drive more traffic to your website. When creating an email campaign, you are already targeting an engaged audience as your mailing list only contains people who have signed up to your emails.

Moreover, your email subscribers are more likely to be quality leads as they are likely to have bought your products or used your services before, meaning they are likely to again.


3. Reach a Large Audience

With over 3.9 billion active email users, email marketing provides an easy way to reach a large audience both nationally and internationally. This is useful when targeting a wide range of audiences. Email marketing provides analytical results including the optimal sending time of your emails, which is useful if some of your clients are overseas and have different time zones.


4. It’s Personal

Unlike other marketing platforms, email marketing allows you to segment and split your audience and target them based on their demographics. This helps when creating campaigns tailored to your audience’s interests, buying behavior and more, creating a more personal approach to marketing.

In addition to this, when creating an email campaign, you can address the email directly to the reader. This helps to build customer relationships as it is not just a generic post aimed at a wide audience, like on social media.


5. Build customer relationships

Email marketing can be an essential factor when building relationships with customers. This is not only about getting new sales, but it is also about customer retention and customer care. Building customer relationships plays an important role in the sales process. Think about it, would you return to a business who were not helpful and who had poor customer care?
Welcome emails play a vital part in the first step of building a relationship with a customer. This is because this will most likely be the first form of contact between a business and a potential customer, so you want to make a good impression! By sending welcome emails, potential clients may think that your business prioritises customer experiences and this can help to build trust.

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